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DublinBet Casino Casino is one of the top online live casinos.  In some ways it could be considered the best live casino online.

To appreciate why, its good to have a look at what live casino options there are.  Basically, there are two ways to get a live casino online, either have a camera in a real casino or set up your own casino in a studio and film that.

To most it won’t really matter which. You want to play roulette but don’t trust computer generated roulette numbers, then play live roulette.

Pro’s of filming a casinoPros of studio roulette
The experience is a real as possible as it is real. Only difference is that you are placing the bets over the internet rather than in personFaster gameplay as the dealer doesn’t have to payout the winners. It’s all done by computer
Can be 100% sure no one is rigging the game. Studio roulette is the same but its theoretically possible that the casino could calculate which numbers make the casino the most money and some how rig the game. Croupiers from exotic locations, all friendly and welcoming as its exclusively online.
Slower gameplay as its a real casino, the croupier has to payout the winners in the real casino before the next spin. Could be seen as a disadvantage.Higher limits. Online casinos have much higher limits. A large corporation can risk a lot more on the tables.


Stakes at the DublinBet Casino

DublinBet casino has 3 different levels of play. A low stakes table, a medium stakes and a high stakes table. See below for details. The 10p bet on live roulette is one of the lowest, if not the lowest live roulette bet online.

LowMedium High
At the low stakes table, the bets are start at 10p on the inside and 50p on the outside. Some of the lowest stakes roulette online. On the medium table, the stakes are £1 on the inside and £5 on the outside, these are typical bet sizes in a land casino. On the high stakes table you can bet up to £500 on an even money bet. The minimum bet is £25.

Mobile Casino
DublinBet Casino has a fantastic mobile web app allowing you to play the live casino on your phone or tablet.

DublinBet Casino Bonuses and Sign up Offers.
DublinBet casino offer a £100 sign up bonus.

They also offer a reload bonus on every deposit.

  • Deposit £1 to £300 get 10% Bonus instantly.
  • Deposit £301 or more get 15% Bonus instantly.

This is one of the most generous loyalty schemes around but be aware of the terms. You do have to wager though the bonus and deposit 9 or 13 times before you can cash out. For some people, declining the bonus is the better idea.

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